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In 1865, Bardstown, KY was rich in tradition. Its main streets were lined with homes of classic proportions and architectural styles. Many of them are still occupied today. The distilling of whiskey had long taken part in Nelson County due to its abundance of limestone spring water, but it was also notable as a very vibrant commercial town where nail and cotton factories, spinning mills and tanneries flourished.

The enactment of the National Banking Act of 1863 and the end of the Civil War gave the opportunity for two merchants, Richard D. Shipp and Jeremiah Wilson, to obtain a charter to open the first bank in Nelson County. In February of 1868, ownership interest in the bank was transferred to Bardstown attorney Jasper W. Muir and businessman William Wilson. In 1890 the firm became the Banking House of Wilson & Muir.

Over a century later, Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust Co. continues to be a leader for financial services. We're very proud to be the third oldest bank in Kentucky, but we are more proud of the confidence that our clients have shown in us over the years. Come and visit us today.

WMB continues to Endure the Test of Time

Back in 1865, the light bulb, the automobile and the airplane only existed in the imaginations of the inventors who dreamed to change the world. But, Wilson & Muir's vision was focused closer to home. If there is one thing that we've learned since we opened our doors over 150 years ago, it's that people will always be concerned about their finances. That concern understandably increases when the economy struggles. WMB has proudly survived several economic challenges by remaining focused on time-tested banking principles dedicated to protecting our clients' wealth.

With our rich history and generations of experience, WMB continues to guide our clients toward their financial objectives. Wilson & Muir Bank is a long way from Wall Street, physically and philosophically. We are a bank based on conservative business practices with a commitment to serve our clients with sound financial products and services. Exceptional customer service is one of the secrets to our success. We are very fortunate to have a strong and growing base of loyal clients that share our conservative business values.

Building strong relationships, providing excellent service and remaining focused on the community are qualities that couldn't be more important any time in our history as they are today.