Wilson & Muir Bank & Trust Co.

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Officers and Directors

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Bardstown Office

Frank B. Wilson President & CEO
NMLS: 442799
Mike Wilbourn Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Davis L. Huston, III Senior Vice President
NMLS: 442802
Charles Wathen Senior Vice President
Shea Koger Vice President
NMLS: 442805
Andrew F. Ballard Vice President
NMLS: 419584
Sharron J. Mathews Senior Vice President
Kathy Seyle Vice President
Chris Mayo Loan Officer
NMLS: 650896
Ellen Zutterman Loan Officer
NMLS: 1242499


Johnathan Hagerman Loan Officer
NMLS: 442831

VIne Grove 

Darin Logsdon Vice President
NMLS: 442810
Kris King Loan Officer
NMLS: 901829


Herbert J. Brown III Senior Vice President
NMLS: 442807
Jeff Blair Vice President
NMLS: 442808
Michael Hayes Vice President
NMLS: 442809

Hwy 62 / Leitchfield 

Ruth Ann Thomas Loan Officer
NMLS: 442825

Leitchfield Main Office 

Ryan Bratcher Vice President
NMLS: 442816
Theresa Cook Loan Officer
NMLS: 1535494
Billy Johnston Loan Officer
NMLS: 442817
Ronald R. Layman Loan Officer
NMLS: 60923

Big Clifty 

Jenean Anderson Vice President
NMLS: 442811


St. Matthews 

Sam Winkler Senior Vice President
NMLS: 442818
Andy Parker Senior Vice President
NMLS: 1191900
Sherrie Kruse Vice President
NMLS: 657775
Mary Ellen Robison Vice President
Betty Bandy Vice President
Mark Hardin Vice President
NMLS: 901828
James C. Johns Assistant Vice President
NMLS: 657772
Mary Barker Loan Officer
NMLS: 442822

Operations Center

Brad Hamilton Chief Operations Officer

Secondary Market Lenders 

Brian Bates Senior Vice President
NMLS: 442824
Vinet Herovic Loan Officer
NMLS: 442823
Allen Illano Loan Officer
NMLS: 401342
Amy Ballard Loan Officer
NMLS: 445341

Board of Directors

Keith O. Emerine: (Director Emeritus)
G. Alan Bernard: Metal Fabrication
Mark R. Mathis: Highway Construction
William D. Newcomb: Oil Distribution
Max L. Shapira: Liquor Distilling
H.M. Sloane: Banking
R.E. Sutherland: Banking
Howard K. Vogt: Retail Clothing
Frank Wilson: Banking (Secretary to the Board)