Personal Services

Checklist for Fast Approvals

  1. Borrower’s social security number
  2. Borrower’s home, business and personal phone numbers
  3. Borrower’s complete address(es) for the past 24 months
  4. Landlord’s name and address for the past 24 months
  5. Name and account number of current mortgage holder, monthly payment, estimated remaining principal balance and type of mortgage (Conventional, FHA, or VA)
  6. Employer’s name, address and phone number for the past 24 months; gross monthly salary and one month’s worth of current paystubs.
    1. Self-employed persons will need a Y-T-D Profit and Loss statement and last two years’ Federal Income Tax Returns, including all schedules, W-2s, etc.
    2. If commissioned, last two years’ Federal Income Tax Returns, including all schedules, 1099s, W-2s, etc.
    3. If utilizing child support/alimony income, or if obligated to pay child support/alimony, bring records of divorce decree, support and/or property settlement orders, proof of payment and/or receipt of payment, i.e. cancelled checks or court payment record.
    4. If applicable, current social security, disability or retirement awards letters and evidence that such will be sustained for minimum of three (3) years
  7. Name and address of banks, credit unions and investment managers, including all checking, savings and investment account numbers, estimated balances and most recent statement on accounts.
  8. Name of creditors, account numbers, monthly payments and estimated remaining balances.
  9. Bankruptcy; explanation of bankruptcy, copy of Discharge and Schedule A
  10. If down payment is from sale of present home:
    1. Sale pending: Copy of Contract
    2. Sale Closed: Copy of Settlement Statement
  11. Personal Check for Appraisal and Credit Report Fees
  12. Copy of driver’s license or other valid picture I.D.
  13. Copy of Purchase Contract executed by all parties.
  14. Copy of Deed and Homeowner’s Insurance Policy if refinancing

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